Contact information

Scientific committee

  • Radovan Krejci, Stockholm University (Chair)
  • Stephen R. Hudson, Norwegian Polar Institute (Co-chair)
  • Roland Neuber, Alfred-Wegener Institute
  • Ove Hermansen, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Boris Ivanov, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
  • Grzegorz Karasiński, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Satheesan Karathazhiyath, NCAOR
  • Yutaka Tobo, NIPR
  • Vito Vitale, CNR
  • Young Jun Yoon, KOPRI
  • Libo Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Hans-Christian Hansson, Stockholm University
  • Christina A. Pedersen, Norwegian Polar Institute

Atmosphere scientists active in Ny-Ålesund


The Atmosphere Research Flagship Programme was initiated as part of the NySMAC science plan for Ny-Ålesund in 2008. The flagship document describes the general flagship objectives, future research priorities, and it gives an overview of institutes with atmospheric activities and atmospheric parameters measured in Ny-Ålesund.

Flagship document (2011) (PDF 2.4 MB)

The revitalized Flagship Programme received funding from The Research Council of Norway through Svalbard Strategic Grant for flagship activities in 2016–17, with activities including

  • Establishing work groups focusing on specific scientific questions
  • Independent work group meetings in 2016 and 2017, and an overall symposium in fall 2017
  • Guest visits
  • Planning and organization of joint field work
  • Jointly published papers
  • Establishing an online meta data base for atmosphere data (as part of the planned Ny-Ålesund Monitoring meta data base)

Svalbard Strategic Grant project (2015) (PDF 235.0 KB)

Previous activitites

Time Activity Location Documents
November 2017 Atmosphere Flagship side event Svalbard Science Conference, Oslo Agenda
October 2017 Atmosphere initiativ for the SIOS PILOT call. PI: Angelo Viola, CNR
2end half 2017 Flagship guests visits Several locations Short summary of the visits
May 2017 Third Arctic Metrology Workshop Ny-Ålesund Announcement
Winter and spring 2017 Field activities Ny-Ålesund planscalendar
April 2017 ASSW Scientific Sessions Prague
March 2017 On-site meeting Ny-Ålesund
Oct 2016 Work group meetings Kjeller First CircularProgramReport
Apr 2016 On-site meeting Ny-Ålesund
Jan 2016 Planning workshop for field activities Sopot First announcementBook of abstracts
Sep 2015 Symposium (dedicated session of the Ny-Ålesund seminar) Tromsø Seminar report
Spring 2015 Field campaignes, e.g. CICCI2015
Apr 2015 Flagship presentation at the ASSW’s ICARP III conference Toyoma